Diatomaceous Non-Slip Super Absorbent Quick Drying Bathroom Floor Mat

Color: white

About this item

  • Dry Up Quickly - Stop getting the bathroom wet. Step onto our nonslip stone bath mat and dry your feet quickly! Made with natural diatomite, it absorbs water and makes it evaporate in no time.
  • Won't Slip Or Slide Around - Get stable footing on the bathroom floor mat thanks to its non-slip pad. Place it underneath the diatomite mat to give it a good grip on the floor and keep it in place.
  • Low Maintenance Mat - Maintain the super absorbent bath mat's excellent absorbency using the sanding tool. That's an accessory you can use every few months for buffing the mat to keep it fresh and clean.
  • Built For Versatility - This mat's usefulness doesn’t end in the bathroom! Place a diatomaceous earth mat by the front door for wet shoes or use it as a countertop drying mat for plates and dishes.
  • An Eco-Responsible Choice - Make your home and the planet a safer place. These bathroom floor shower mats are durable and last long–they're even backed by a 12-month satisfaction guarantee!


item: 6.39 pounds

Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 15 x 1 inches

Absorbs With Speed And Efficiency

Some mats tend to stay wet long after they’ve been used, causing them to feel squishy and uncomfortable under your feet.

With stone mats, soaked bathmats are a thing of the past! Our mat contains diatomite, a natural type of rock that absorbs water and dries up almost instantly thanks to its micropores. Moisture is also unlikely to accumulate in this material, so you don’t have to worry about bad odors after constant use.

Keep Your Pet’s Area Nice & Dry

Pet owners know how excited their pets–especially dogs–can get during feeding time. Water sloshing out of the bowl, wet food leaving marks and staining the floor are just the usual mess pet parents have to deal with on the daily.

Use the mat to protect your floor from your pet’s messy eating habits. Place it underneath their water and food bowls. The non-skid gripper will keep the mat and their food containers from moving as they feed.

More reasons to upgrade your home with this mat:

- Measures 23.5x15”

- Made of pure diatomaceous earth

- Hygienic, easy-to-clean

Say goodbye to damp and slippery floors. Add the Graplife Stone Bath Mat to your cart TODAY!

Easily Keep The Mat In Good Shape

Because of the mat's premium quality material, you might be surprised by how easy it is to keep it in good shape. All it needs is some buffing on each side every once in a while using the included sanding tool. You can do this anytime it gets a hard-to-remove stain.

For lighter stains, simply wash it with warm water, scrub it with a sponge, and leave it to dry.

Helps Minimize Risk Of Accidents

Afraid that you might slip and fall as you walk over the mat? We’ve thrown in a non-slip sheet to give you peace of mind! Don’t forget to place this underneath the mat so that it maintains a firm grip on the ground.

The surface of the mat also has a roughness that gives you better stability as you stand on it, but it’s also smooth enough to be comfortable for those with sensitive soles.

Life Made Easier And More Stylish With Graplife

With its ultra-absorbency, durability, and beautiful design, this mat continues our tradition of developing high quality bathroom products.

Customer questions & answers

What makes it antimicrobial ?

Diatomaceous earth attracts and binds bacteria and parasites, causing them to dry out and die.

In which country is this product made?

This particular stone is made in India.

The cotton bath mats we have are "pet fur magnets." Does pet fur stick to this material or is it easy to remove?


What is Diatomaceous earth made of ?

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring sediment made from the fossils of oceanic microorganisms.It holds exceptional absorbency and moisture-wicking properties.